Monday, September 8, 2008

Since I have sent the link to my blog out to some new people, I thought I would recap some things so that they do not need to read all of my previous posts.
Owen's scans in April showed that his cancer had returned, and that there were over 20 tumors scattered throughout his brain, and two small ones in his spine. At that time, we were told that any treatments would be palliative-that there was nothing that could be done to cure him at that point. The doctors also called Make a Wish to move the trip we had planned to take in July to the week after we got the results. He was put on a mild chemo that was hoped to slow the growth of his tumors and give us some more time with him, but there was nothing promised. We were told that, with his degree of relapse, that things could progress pretty quickly.
Surprising us all, Owen was still doing very well when he had a follow-up scan in July. He was still walking (almost, I dare say, better than he had since losing his ability to walk post-surgery). We didn't notice any difference in his memory or higher level processing, or his ability to laugh. The night of the scan in July, Owen was at his father's house. Frank went out to light the grill, and when he came back in, Owen was unresponsive on the couch. He called Matthew, me, and the nurse to come to his house. Owen was indeed unresponsive, and he was having some seizures. At that time, it appeared to all of us, including the professionals, that our time with Owen was very limited.
The oncologist increased Owen's steroid to reduce the swelling in his brain. His father and I decided to stop the chemo, and it was at that time Owen was placed in Hospice Care. It is such a blessing to have him at home with me-I cannot imagine how incredibly difficult life would be for all of us if we had had to have Owen cared for at the hospital from that point on!
With the increase in the steroids, Owen bounced back to his usual old self-a little more tired than he had been, but still able to walk and laugh and play. We are at the point now, though, where Owen sleeps most of the day. If he is awake, it is for a few seconds at a time. He does not talk much, and has not been eating or drinking much at all now. He is on a morphine pump continuously, which keeps him comfortable, so he is not in any pain, except when we move him.
People talk of miracles, and I firmly believe that we have had, and continue to have our miracle with Owen right now. He has far surpassed any predictions or expectations that we have heard, and continues to amaze me with his strength and spirit.

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