Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Because moving Owen has been causing him so much pain, the doctor increased the amount of medication he receives in the bolus push of morphine. Prior to moving him to change his pull up and fluff up his pillow, etc this morning, I gave him the push of medication, and when I picked him up to move him he didn't flinch. I took that opportunity to keep him in my arms and hold him for over an hour today. He feels so wonderful-just perfect in my arms. I can't even describe how amazing that was. I have the knowledge in the back of my mind each and every time that I hold him that it could be the last time I do so, so every time is so, so special.


Anonymous said...

Hi,Jen your missed at this end, I miss talking to you about the different books, Rita has asked about you, your well missed our thoughts and prayers are with you

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, It is so amazing that your children fit so perfectly in your arms isn't it? Give Owen a kiss for me on his cute little head. I dreamed about Owen last night and he was just giggleing his sweet Owen giggle.
Jean R

John said...

Hello Love, Always remember a child in their parents arms always feels wounderful no matter how old the child is. Hold him, touch him, smell him, he is also doing the same to you. Our thoughts are with you and may God be with all of you. Uncle John