Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ah, sweetness! I held Owen for awhile tonight, and was able to peek right into his open eyes. He seemed to be much more awake today than he was yesterday. His eyes were open for a much longer period of time, and he was really paying attention to what I was telling him (and singing to him!) Being more awake, however, also means that he felt more pain today. He did say "ow" when we moved him, even the slightest bit, even after getting the bolus does of morphine. Wakefulness has it's bonuses and its downfalls for him.

I can't believe how incredibly thin he has gotten. I like to take pictures of everything. Tonight, I took a picture of his hips and tummy, which shows how thin he has become. I think that to accurately document the journey, I need to include the bad along with the good, or else I am not being honest. To be truthful, blogging about Owen's journey-as much as it is to keep people informed about Owen-is for me as well. It is a way for me to remember the things I would not otherwise. I have already stated that I wish I had begun this at the beginning of his journey (well, from his pregnancy, actually-which is true for all of the kids-oh the things you forget!!). I am glad that I will at least have what I have written to look back upon, and recall everything he and I have gone through. I wish I could leap inside of his body and feel what he is feeling so that I would best know what I could do to help him.
Sending hugs to everyone. Look for good today-you will find some wherever you look.

"We got another one!"


Pam Fogal-Johnston said...

I'm sending you, Owen, Anthony and Seth hugs. Ashleigh and I continue to pray for all of you. Words cannot express how much we love you. I hope to come up and visit soon. Pam :) xxx ooo xxx ooo

Anonymous said...

I had the Owen giggle dream again last night and this time with a HUGE Owen smile he handed me a picture he colored from the silly book Sarah and I made for him before your trip.Please give him a kiss for me and thank him for the dream picture ok?
Jean R

julietmeade said...

Hello Jen,

I am so glad you remembered me and keep me updated on Owen. I was just thinking of you the other day, and poof, came your email.
YOu are truly an inspiration for all moms going through what you are. You were always an excellent student, going above and beyond expectations and you are carrying that as a survivor and challenging all adversity with a heads on positive attitude.
Owen is a trooper just like you and i know he will fight this.
You are an amazing person and an amazing mother.
Please know I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and your family too.
If you need anything let me know!
Juliet Meade
ps..by the way, I work as an online instructor at University of Phoenix. Medaille is not doing well financially.
Take care!