Sunday, September 14, 2008

I have said for the past week or so that Owen has only opened his eyes for a few seconds here and there. It doesn't seem possible, but he is awake even less now. Yesterday and today, I have only seen glimpses of his eyes peeking, today even less than yesterday thus far. He did say "ow" when I moved him to change his diaper, clean him up and change the pad under him this morning, even with the bolus push. I have to imagine that his body is pretty stiff even though we do move his limbs now and then throughout the day.
Sometimes, I just keep thinking that he will just wake up, get up and want to play and ask to hold his dvd's, ask for all sorts of food and go to grandpa's and the park, and do all of the things he used to love to do. I know what the reality is, but that doesn't stop hope. I have to imagine that heaven for him would be all of those things, as well as all of the music he loved, and being able to play with (and tickle) all of the characters he loved. He loved ALL of them! That was the absolute best part of any of the trips we took for him was seeing all of the characters. He loved to tickle people-anything to make people smile and laugh. He is such a sweet, funny kid. I miss all of that. Even though he is still physically here with us, we will never see that part of Owen again, which is incredibly sad. I wonder what he dreams about all day? I hope it is all of the things I mentioned. I have to believe that his dreams are happy and fun for him.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, Just wanted to let you know that you and Owen are in my thoughts.