Thursday, September 18, 2008

Owen opened his eyes tonight for a few seconds while his brother Anthony was standing over him, and I said "Owen, say hi to Anthony" not actually expecting a vocal response, but much to my complete shock, Owen said "Hi"! I was completely certain that I would never hear his voice again other than to say "Ow". It was really unbelievable. He was only awake for about a minute, and we could tell he was trying to say more, but encouraged him to rest. Of course, the video camera missed the word, but it will be forever in my head. It really made me so, so happy!!!
Sending the entire world a great big hug tonight! I feel completely renewed. I hope, so much, that I get to hear his voice saying happy things again-even if it is just one word! (and I hope that next time, the video camera captures it, so I can listen to it over and over...)
Oh-and thank you to everyone who has signed the petition!! Remember-we are still in Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!! Wear gold (or yellow--close enough unless it's a ring) to show support. Thank you all!

'We got another one!!"


Anonymous said...

Jen we are just a few short steps away from "Owens Toy Box" as it will all take place Sat Sept 20 and Owens Toy Box will be something we all can use to keep "the smiles,laughter and nose throwing" (he must have thrown my nose a thousand times onto the infield at a Bisons game)forever present.You do and will have support whenever and however it may be. God bless Owen and the whole family.
"Coach" Sil Dan

Anonymous said...

I am so happy you and Anthony were blessed to hear Owen's voice. Boy, the things we take for granted...I signed the petition. Thinking of you always XOXO --Christina