Sunday, March 29, 2009

Here is a link to the video that Channel 2 news aired on Owen's journey.  It's almost 7 minutes long!
    My friend, Pam, and I went to the Psychic Fair in Buffalo yesterday.  We had gone to Lilydale a few years back-prior to Owen's diagnosis, and have been meaning to go back, but obviously circumstances have not allowed us to do so.
  The woman I had a reading done by was amazing.  Pretty much everything she said was right on.  I told her that I had lost a child in October, and she had me hold a stone and she put her hands over mine. She said, "I'm sensing alot of pressure in his head?" and then "There is a little dog with him..."  It was crazy!!  I have no idea how you feel about psychics, but she had no prior information about me-did not have his name, my last name, how he had died, etc...She said that he does not feel any pain right now (which would be the obvious thing for anyone to say) and then said that he is able to walk and run now (which, again, I had never said that he was unable to walk for the last few months)...
  I finally have been dreaming about Owen-good dreams, where he is with me again.  I love those!
  Remember, our Relay for Life is Saturday, June 13.  If you would like to join our team, it is only $10 to sign up, and you get a tee shirt!
Love and miss you, Owen!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Miss you, Owen

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Please Help Support Make A Wish and Relay for Life!

Betty Crocker is generously donating the money to provide one child a week (for twelve weeks) a wish at Make a Wish chapters across the country. Make a Wish of Western New York provided Owen with his amazing wish trip to meet the Power Rangers at Walt Disney World. I am hoping that everyone reading this will take the time to click on the link I am providing and vote for the Western New York Make a Wish chapter each day in honor and memory of Owen, knowing what a dream it was for him-they truly made his wish come true! Please bookmark the site and vote daily!!! Thank you! The top 4 chapters from each category at the end of the 12 weeks will receive the money to provide a terminally ill child with their wish!

In addition, with snow on the ground and a bite in the air, it may seem impossible to believe that Akron, NY's Relay for Life is just around the corner!! This year, the event is taking place on Saturday, June 13, 2009 from 12 noon - 12 midnight. Again, the Event Location is the Akron High School Track at 47 Bloomingdale Rd. in Akron, NY 14001. I have started a team in honor and memory of Owen named Frogger's Family and Friends. You can find our team home page at:
Please join our team, donate in memory of Owen and/or another loved one, and/or plan on joining us on June 13. You do not need to stay for the entire length of the Relay, stop by for an hour or so to show your support, or donate your time before or during the Relay to help raise money, gather baskets/donations for a Chinese Auction, help raise money through bake sales, etc---(feel free to give me ideas since this is my first time being a team leader!!!). Last year was the first Relay that Owen attended--as a survivor. He cut the ribbon at the Opening Ceremonies with my Aunt (also a cancer survivor). It will be difficult without Owen there (physically) with us this year, but I think that walking in his memory is a wonderful tribute to him.
Thank you all for your continued support. There is not a minute that escapes me without a thought of Owen, and there is nothing that I do that is not accompanied with the wish to have him there with me. However, there are moments throughout the day that I am able to hear his giggle, see his eyes twinkle with a smile, and hear him tell me that he "wuvs" me. I certainly have a great emptiness without him-it is like losing a limb. Yet, I continue to be so incredibly grateful to have had him in my life. How incomplete it would have been without ever having him at all...