Sunday, March 29, 2009

    My friend, Pam, and I went to the Psychic Fair in Buffalo yesterday.  We had gone to Lilydale a few years back-prior to Owen's diagnosis, and have been meaning to go back, but obviously circumstances have not allowed us to do so.
  The woman I had a reading done by was amazing.  Pretty much everything she said was right on.  I told her that I had lost a child in October, and she had me hold a stone and she put her hands over mine. She said, "I'm sensing alot of pressure in his head?" and then "There is a little dog with him..."  It was crazy!!  I have no idea how you feel about psychics, but she had no prior information about me-did not have his name, my last name, how he had died, etc...She said that he does not feel any pain right now (which would be the obvious thing for anyone to say) and then said that he is able to walk and run now (which, again, I had never said that he was unable to walk for the last few months)...
  I finally have been dreaming about Owen-good dreams, where he is with me again.  I love those!
  Remember, our Relay for Life is Saturday, June 13.  If you would like to join our team, it is only $10 to sign up, and you get a tee shirt!
Love and miss you, Owen!


Parrish said...

So glad Owen is in your dreams!!!


Danielle Winney said...

That is so amazing. It has to make you happy in some ways.. I have a feeling he will always be in your dreams!