Sunday, September 21, 2008

  Not much new to report. He has not been vocal the past two days at all, not even to say "Ow".  He holds onto the Build a Bear that he made for me, and is covered by mommy kiss blanket. I want to still be able to smell him when he is gone, so I am hoping that I will be able to snuggle with them and bury my nose in them and smell Owen.  
  I am just so tired today. It's amazing how emotional stress can carry over into how your body feels. I shouldn't complain. I can't even imagine how Owen feels, and has felt with everything he has been through. Ugh. Its so hard not being able to do anything about it when your child is hurting.
  "We got another one"

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen and family,
My prayers have been with you all along and now I am praying even harder for re-newed strength for you. You are fighting the fight right along with Owen. You are bound to be tired. Just know that we are here to help "hold" you and the boys up also. I have seen quite a few Monarch butterflies lately, one came to my face and "fluttered" on my cheek, I could not help but take that as a kiss from the heavens! Please give Owen a butterfly kiss for me tonight.