Wednesday, October 1, 2008

  There are signs that Owen is taking other steps toward the final stages. However, he opened his eyes for about two minutes last night, after being completely unresponsive for the past two days, again showing that he will refuse to follow protocol!  Things have not changed in that they may occur immently, or may not occur for a few days or a week or more.  Again, we are just reminded to take every second we have left with him and cherish it.
  We kept the boys home yesterday to give them the day with their brother. I don't want them to miss a ton of school now, but I do understand that it is important for them to spend time with him now. It's a hard balance-trying to allow them to keep their lives as normal as possible, and not focusing on what is going on here all of the time, and giving them the time that they need/want here with Owen while he is still here.  It is difficult for all of us to know exactly what the right choices are right now, but we are making the choices that we feel are the right ones for all of us.
 Owen is sleeping peacefully. He is not in any pain at all. He looks very comfortable, and we are making sure that he stays that way.
  Also-if you have not read Owen's diagnosis story and would like to, it was posted on Friday.  It gives the story of what led us to where we are today...
  Sending hugs and love to everyone--keep us all in your positive thoughts please, as I imagine the difficult will get much worse as things progress and during the aftermath...


Anonymous said...

So glad you got to see those beautiful eyes again. Always sending prayers of strength to all of you.

Anonymous said...

Jen and family,
My heart goes to you. I wish I could give you all the strength you need during this awful time.
Hugs and butterfly kisses,

Anonymous said...

I think about you guys all the time. I will continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I remind my family on a regular basis (especially when we have those pitty poor me moments) that we are incredibly blessed.

God bless you, Owen and the rest of the family as you continue on this heartwrenching journey.

Marge(from Alden Middle)

Robin said...

Jen and Family-

I stumbled (no...I didn't stumble...God showed me the way) across your blog a few weeks ago and I am amazed at the strength and courage you are going through. You and Owen and the rest of your family are in my prayers daily.

Anonymous said...

I have Owen in my prayers, that he will remain at peace as his journey continues and that God surround your family with his love

Anonymous said...

Dear Jen & family:

I was explaining to my girl's that I needed to attend a memorial today for a young boy and his family. As they continued to ask questions, I began a search to show them who Owen was. Of course, I came upon your blog. I am someone that does not know your family directly, but am part of your extended family at Tae Kwon Do. What a wonderful way to share your story and Owen's. I do believe that God gave your family Owen because of your strength and everything that you would give him. Your love and kisses and hugs were everything he needed and I am sure he felt all that. What a strong little boy he seemed to be and I wish we could have met him.I am sure and do believe that he is free now from all his illness and with God running around playing happy as every 4 year old should be. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this very difficult time.Your story has touched our hearts and we will pray for your family.