Sunday, October 26, 2008

Please know that I do appreciate your emails and phone calls. I am sorry I haven't returned them as of yet. I am still just trying to adjust to life and find my direction again.  I love you all and so appreciate your thoughts and support, even if I don't respond to it.   


the winnneys said...

Dear Jen,
I dont think anyone expects you to respond back to them. Its just our way of showing you we care. Take your time, we arent going anywhere!

Always thinking about you and the 3boys.
Danielle and Shannon Winney

Anonymous said...

My mom and dad asked about you last night and they send their prayers and blessings to your family.

Sue W.

Anonymous said...

A group of us tested for our Black Belts last Saturday evening. We dedicated our test to Owen. We wore gold ribbons on our belts and passed our over 100 gold ribbons for the audience to wear. We had Owen's picture of when he got his Black Belt projected on a screen behind us while we tested and at the end every person there stood-up, bowed and held a moment of silence for Owen. We are spreading his word for him. Owen forever "Our Littlest Black Belt"
You all are in my prayers always.
Jodie Scherrer