Friday, October 17, 2008

 Last night when I went to pick Anthony up from Frank's house, I was waiting for him inside and saw the Build a Bear that Frank had that had Owen's voice recorded on it. I was so excited and wanted to hear his voice-it has been awhile since I have heard that sweet voice. So I pressed the paw that said "Talk". Now, you would think that if one of the paws was going to record something, it would be red and say "Record", not something like "Talk", which is what I expected the bear to do. What I instead ended up doing was recording over sweet little voice.  I feel like such a complete jerk. There is no way I can do anything to repair that.  I feel horrible.  Obviously it was not done on purpose, but still-there is no way to re-record that.  Ugh. Another thing added to the list of stupid things Jen has done...


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the Build A Bear. I am sure you feel very badly. You have so many beautiful memories and I know you can still hear his voice and you can remember all the little things he said. You did everything you could have done for Owen. You were there every second and you had some really great trips to Disney and Sesame Place and the Museum. Don't forget we doing lunch soon.


Diane houck said...

Accidents happen,and I know, because I have had my share that I couldn't take back. Yet, always remember, with or with out that recording, what you and Owen have shared, your memories, the reality of your time spent together, his sweet voice, knowing Owen as his mom only could,and much more not one of us can realize, YOU can. You will always have that and please do not doubt it for a second. Those are the things that will carry you through from one day to the next. Your reality of your brave little angel, Owen. I love you Jen, your friend, ~Diane