Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yesterday at football practice, Seth's bike got stolen. He has been riding to and from practice for almost two weeks now so that we didn't have to leave Owen to drive him to or from practice. We did report it stolen to the local police, but without the serial number, they cannot do anything for him, because even if they find a bike that matches the description, there is no way to prove that that particular bike is his.
Two days ago, we took Owen to the drive thru at McDonalds. He asked to go, and having a change of scenery is a good thing. I sat next to him in the back seat. He did get uncomfortable-he feels quite a bit of pain when he is moved. He has been eating pretty well the past few days though. Today he ate almost a whole piece of Oscar Mayer bologna, a few bites of a slice of cheese, a bite of a cheese doodle, some double stuff filling from the middle of an oreo, an entire cotton candy yogurt, and drank almost a whole thing of Capri Sun!! Plus, he has had some milk, water, and orange juice. I am so, so glad that he is keeping himself hydrated and getting at least some calories in him.
I keep hearing people say that they've gotten news that Owen "is in his last few days" and that "things have taken a turn for the worse". Let's be real here-of course Owen is terminal. He is considered end stage. He is in Hospice Care at home with us. He has probably over 30 tumors in his brain, several in his spine, and has tumors growing in the cervical area of his spine which is near the brain stem. Again, things could happen immediately if the growth in the tumors in the cervical spine area press against the brain stem-that would cause him to stop breathing, and we would have no notice. If it is the tumors in his brain that take him, it will be the pressure from the tumors causing swelling in the brain that presses against the brain stem, which will cause him to stop breathing. If things happen that way, we will see him sleep more, then fall asleep and not wake up, watch his breathing slow, then stop. This could occur quickly (we have already seen some of these steps), or may not occur for a month or longer. Owen is not "hanging on" for any reason-he is a strong little boy who wants to live. Also, no matter who tells him that it's ok to go, his body will not let him go until it cannot function any longer. If I were to tell myself that it was ok for me to go, my body would not let me go because my body is not ready to go yet. Besides-what is wrong with Owen holding on? He wakes up and tells us he loves us. He holds our hands, kisses us, talks about going to preschool, about his brothers and grandparents, and all of the things he has done in his life-the characters he has met, the animals he has seen, the trips he has gotten to go on...His pain is pretty much under control-I would not say that his life is not worth living for him at all right now. I hope that people will check with us before telling people that Owen is in "his final days". That may be true, but it may not, and it is not honest to tell anyone that right now as if it is fact. Owen has surprised us all with his strength and his love for life. Again, until his body makes him leave, I don't think he has any desire to leave us whatsoever...
I love you all. Please keep Owen in your thoughts and think positive, happy thoughts about him. Please spread positive things about him. He deserves that.

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