Friday, August 29, 2008

Owen has been sleeping for all but a few minutes the past few days. His heart rate and respirations were pretty low when the nurse was here today-which is another sign that he is taking some steps toward the standard neurological, brain tumor signs. Again, this doesn't mean that anything is imminent, just that there are some more signs. Also, it is still possible that, even though he is showing the neurological signs, that he could still be taken by the tumors in his cervical spine, which would be sudden.
We gave him a sponge bath today, and changed his clothes for him. He stirred a little bit. He did eat about a half of a yogurt (his favorite cotton candy flavored!!).
Even though he is not awake, we are telling him how much we all love him. He does stir when we talk to him sometimes, so I know he hears us, even if he is not always able to respond.
Will keep you all posted...

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