Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We did let the butterflies go today. Once again, it took longer than we expected for them to find the exit and fly away, but how cool once they did! I was in the yard later in the day, and one had come back and landed in the grass!
The med pump should be coming out tomorrow, so hopefully that will make Owen more comfortable. It will continuously give him pain medication around the clock. We will also be able to give him a boost of medication if he needs it.
It's so nice to still be able to hold him. He is perfect in my arms. It's right where he belongs...

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verybestmom said...

Jen - my name is Jenn also. i just had to let you know how much reading your blog has touched me. I too have a daughter who is 4; born in Jan. 2004 just like Owen. Reading your blog is an unbelievable affirmation of how blessed i am that she is healthy. The journey that you and Owen are on is uncomprehensible to me. your strength and attitude are an inspiration to me.