Sunday, August 10, 2008

We are waiting for one final caterpillar to make his chrysalis before we move them to their pop-up Bugville home, where they will make their magical transformation into painted lady butterflies. I wish we could make one last trip out to Strong Museum to see the butterflies there-they have over 800 different types of butterflies and moths in a butterfly garden there. It's soo cool. It is an additional $3 per person, but soo worth it. We have a membership there because of the handprint that is on the wall there (Owen's). We did go out to see that-it's pretty cool that his hand will be on the wall there forever.
Owen's grandmother is up from Florida to spend some time with him, as well as offer support. It is nice that she is able to come and spend time here for awhile.
Anthony went to the fair yesterday with my parents and brother and his family. They had fun. In true Anthony form, he came home with a bunch of magic tricks. We are looking at the next Chris Angel with that kid! And Seth! He sent me a picture text of a HUGE blister on his finger that he got "at paintball". Of course, I found out the real story later--they were using a lighter to set the spray from a Lysol bottle on fire. Yeah-real smart! And this is the kid who will be able to start driving at the end of November...
Man, have we gotten alot of rain lately! I'm beginning to feel like we have been transported to Seattle, without the view!
Hoping for some sunshine soon!

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