Tuesday, August 19, 2008

4 of the 5 caterpillars have turned into butterflies! One of them got into the hanging upside down stage, but never made a chrysalis. We will probably let them go tomorrow.
Owen has been sleeping quite a bit. Tomorrow the nurse is coming out to talk with us about having him on a med pump which will continuously give him morphine 24 hours a day, which will hopefully keep him more comfortable. If needed, we will also be able to give him a boost of medication. I believe he will continue to remain on the medicated patch, as well.
Recently, he has taken to holding onto boxes of Scooby Doo macaroni and cheese like he used to do with his DVD's. It's cute. He also often asks for his stuffed Rosita, a Sesame Street character which we were luckily able to order him online from Sesame Place. (BTW, if I haven't said this previously, if you have children who are of the baby to preschool age, I HIGHLY recommend Sesame Place! It was incredibly fun!)
Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

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