Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Home again!

Owen came home last night, after spending the weekend in the hospital with an infection of his central line...AGAIN!! This has proven to be quite a source of infection (which apparently is common). The previous time he had an infection in his line, there were three rounds of antibiotics and hospital stays. Hopefully, this will be wiped out after this one round! There is talk of removing his line, which has both positive and negative implications. For one, he receives nutrition through his line nightly, as he does not eat enough orally to sustain a healthy amount of calories daily. If he is unable to consume orally the amount of calories he needs daily, he will need to have a feeding tube inserted. Another positive for keeping the tube in-the nurses are able to draw blood painlessly out of his central line. Since he needs to have blood draws at least once a week, this seems like the least cruel way, as he doesn't need to be poked each and every time. Also, he can receive medication through his tube-tasteless and without concern of the amount absorbed and if it needs to be readministered if he vomits.
So what are the negatives?? #1 being the obvious-it tends to be a source of infection-and once an infection hits, it is typically quite difficult to kick. The second-his site needs to remain absolutely, completely dry, so he has not had a bath/shower since it has been put in last April. (Not that he hasn't been washed, but there is nothing like soaking in a warm tub! He also has not been able to go swimming.) The dressing around his site needs to be changed at least weekly, which entailns pulling off a large, clear band-aid type material from his skin--OUCH! He does not like that in the least!
He was quite happy to be home, as we are happy to have him back home. His leg is healing quite well-hopefully his cast will come off next week. The fluid around his heart which the doctors were monitering has decreased, so that threat has too passed for the time being. Through everything, he has remained his usual jovial self. He makes me so proud and puts a smile in my heart each day.
Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day!! Love as if there is no tomorrow. Never leave a loved one with words you may regret. Make sure they know how much they mean to you, as you may lose the chance to show them...

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