Wednesday, February 6, 2008

February 6, 2008

Today I had to wake Owen up early so he could go with his father to an appointment for a check up on his broken leg. He was NOT happy about that! He wanted to do the opposite of everything I wanted him to do. He wanted to keep his wet pull up on. He wanted to stay naked. He didn't want his coat on...I guess I can't say that I blame him. I get pretty crabby myself when I need more sleep!

I think his leg is healing well. I am glad he is not experiencing pain related to his leg or heel anymore. His first cast needed to be removed because there was not enough padding between his heel and his cast, and he was complaining tremendously about heel pain. When they took the heel of his old cast off, indeed his heel was extremely red, and a blister nearly formed. They sent him home with more padding and the heel of the cast wrapped up. He ended up going in again later that same day because he was complaining that his leg hurt. When the doctor cut the entire cast off, they discovered that there was another spot that was rubbing higher up on his leg, so they changed the entire cast-to a bright green one!! After they changed his cast, he has not complained about it hurting at all. He did wince a few times when I picked him up to move him, because his leg was not healed yet, but my god, that kid is one tough cookie. The things he has had to deal with, and does so without complaining-I would like to see adults do that. Some adults complain when they have a cold. Give me a break! Try to deal with what he has had to deal with, then try to complain!

At least the doctor has said today that Owen's leg is healing nicely, and that he is able to start crawling again! That will make him happier, for sure!

Well, that's all for now! Make this day a happy one!


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julie matusek said...

Owen is a strong boy with a strong mom!

I love the pic!