Monday, February 25, 2008

AFO's on Wednesday!

Owen will be getting his AFO's on Wednesday! I am trying to keep him excited about them-he is excited now, but I don't think he will be once he has them on and discovers he needs to wear them for 23 hours a day! (AFO's are ankle foot orthotics. They will support his ankles and provide a stretch to his tight heel cords. They will allow him to stand, so hopefully we will get the standing program started with him this week! Standing is so important for him. Steroids cause his bones to be weak, so standing will help increase the bone density. I never knew that until I worked with children with disabilities-that weight bearing activities help bone density. I saw the femur of an Olympic weight lifter compared to a normal person's femur, and the difference was really astonishing!
We are back at school after a week off-or so they say. Man-how fast 9 days can go. I did nothing. We had plans to go bowling or to the movies or something fun and none of it happened. Luckily we do have a short time off for Easter, and then the break in April, so I will (hopefully) be much more productive then...or at least go somewhere nice and do some fun things with the kids.

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