Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good Day

Owen woke up in a great mood today! These last few days he has really been eating quite a bit better. I am very happy to see that. AND!! His eyelashes and eyebrows have almost completely filled in now. It is amazing how something like that can completely change the way he looks. I wonder if the hair on his head will fill in, or if he will remain bald in patches due to the radiation. I can't even begin to imagine how different he will look with hair.
If things go as planned, Owen's cast will be removed on Wednesday. That will be great so he can get back to moving around, and will be able to be fitted for his AFO's and begin the standing program he was supposed to start weeks ago.
Owen's IEP meeting is in March-kind of crazy to plan his therapies and school plan for September in March! I know how much things can change in a short period of time. Last year at this time, Owen was running around like a normal 3 year old and I had no clue that there was cancer growing inside of his brain and spine. I was flipping through old pictures on my digital camera that I need to develop (Ah-the one curse of digital cameras!!) and found some that were taken on Easter last year-a week before we took him in the hospital and our world was turned upside down. It is so strange to look at those-it doesn't look like Owen. The memory of him BC (before cancer) is fading-it is so hard to remember what he was like before. Oh, how quickly life can change...
Anyhow, he woke up this morning and said "Good morning!" all jovial. I took him to the bathroom and when he was done, put him in our bed. When he was complaining he was cold, I put my pink fleece polka dot pajamas on him and he thought that was the funniest thing ever!! He laughed for about 5 minutes, and called his brothers in to look, too!
We have had Mazy here since Friday, so our bed had Matt, me, Owen, Sam, and Mazy on it-Sam loves to lick Owen's bald head. Mazy has been funny because she is afraid of Sam (which is kind of funny because Sam is so mild mannered-I think it's simply a size thing).
We have one week off from school!! I am sure it will fly by, but the time "off" will be nice. I need to clean and work on my thesis, so I'm not sure how much down time I will have-but I will accomplish more than I would have if I would have been working.
Carpe diem!

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