Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's getting closer to Owen's birthday.  I'm not quite sure how I am feeling about it-very mixed...I want to celebrate him and his life-I don't want it to be a sad thing, because being pregnant with him, giving birth to him and having him with me was one of the best things in my life, other than his two brothers.  He was so much fun, and I want to celebrate that-him, the wonderful person he was, the awesome times we had together.  However....obviously it will be a difficult day.  A day we should be spending with him, so very happy that he is with us, celebrating all of those things I listed above with him, letting him know how important he is to us, how much we love him and are glad he is with us... 
  Seth's stepgrandma passed away on Friday. Poor kid has dealt with more death than someone his age should have to.  Before she died, she said that she saw Owen and that he said he is doing good...I wish I could see Owen....I miss him so much-hugging him--he gave some of the BEST hugs!  His giggle--and the way his fuzzy little head felt against my face.
    Hope everyone has a fun new year's eve, and that 2009 holds more good times than bad.


Anonymous said...

My friend lost her son 2 years ago. His family celebrates his birthday by doing his favorite things-- bowling, and going out for pizza. They also celebrate his life on the anniversary of his death by calling it his "Heaven Day" and do special things on that day too.

michigan_herrs said...

Hi! I check up on you all as much as possible. You all are in my thoughts and prayers often. I just wish there was more being done to prevent this terrible disease from happening to any child even though it doesn't change what my son and your son has had to endure.

Hang in there, though it may feel like it is just a day to day thing. You have people 'out there' praying for you all.