Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Please, don't ask me if I'm over it yet
I'll never get over it 
Please, don't tell me "he's in a better place"
He's not here with me
Please, don't say "at least he isn't suffering"
I haven't come to terms with why he had to suffer at all
Please, don't tell me you know how I feel
Unless you have lost a child
Please, don't ask me if I feel better
Bereavement isn't a condition that clears up
Please, don't tell me "you had him for so many years"
What year would you chose for your child to die?
Please, don't tell me "God never gives more than we can bear"
Please, just say you are sorry
Please, just say you remember my child
Please, just let me talk about my child
Please mention my child's name
Please, just let me cry.


danielle winney said...

That is beautiful, and I truly believe that is how I would feel.
We love Owen.....
Danielle and Shannon

Nicole :D said...

there isnt a better way to say that. its spoke just how you feel.
i love you and owen!!! :D
nicole <3

Darkzilla said...

Owen is sooooo cuute!! he really is a beutiful baby!