Saturday, March 8, 2008

So Fun!

Last night was sooo much fun! The kids had a great time running around and playing, and it was great to have some adult time, as well! Here is a link to information on the benefit friends and family are having to help the family with the expenses of a surgery he will be having performed in April...
Owen is off of the TPN!! That is good news for the washing machine and dryer, because MAN he would certainly have some overflow on nights he was hooked up! I swear, the laundry breeds when you have kids anyway. Hopefully Owen will continue to eat and drink well! He is with his dad tonight-all of the boys are...I really miss them :-( They will be home tomorrow afternoon though-but I really do miss them soo much when they are gone!
Hope everyone has a restful day!

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Brad Raucci said...

Look at that adorable mug! What a cute little kid. Owen's the kind of light that changes lives. Wish that face was still with us but the blessing that he was and still is has an effect that is bigger and brighter than most of us will ever be able to accomplish. Prayers and thoughts to the Pieber family and all their friends and loved ones... and pets!