Monday, July 20, 2009

I think about how, one year ago, right at this moment, Owen was alive and with me. He still had quite a journey ahead of him, but he was here-awaiting our Christmas celebration on July 21...So much has changed in a year. Soon, I will no longer be able to write things like "Owen was alive a year ago today..." That is incredibly sad for me. What I wouldn't give to give him a huge hug and hear his sweet voice right now...
love you, Frogger.


Anonymous said...

He will ALWAYS be in your heart...that will never go away!

Anonymous said...

He's is always here no matter what...and you will never lose the sound of his voice and the image of his smile..they will always be with you. Don't give up, sweetie.
Hug and kisses always.
-Nicole F.