Saturday, May 9, 2009

   I was reading back through my calendar yesterday, and was amazed by the amount if days that Owen spent in the hospital. It was not rare for him to go into the hospital on a Friday for chemo, expecting to leave on Sunday or Monday, only to have to stay for an additional week or more due to blood counts, or infections, etc, etc...
  I have many things of Owen's saved.  I have some clothes, toys, and books. I am not able to get rid of those. If I ever have more children, I would want to share them with them. Additionally, when I have grandchildren, I would want to do the same-read them his favorite books, show them his toys, etc. 
  I wish he were here to tickle! I listened to one of his favorite CD's in the car yesterday and sang along.  How much fun we all had dancing and singing along with Bear in the Big Blue House!!
  Rain today.  The perfect day to watch movies and read, waiting for the rainbow!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to the best mom!!! Owen's love comes through you every day. Look for those rainbows.
Love to all of you,
Mike, Sue, Dan, Tommy & Maria