Sunday, July 6, 2008

Owen and Anthony have been in Florida with their dad since Wednesday. :( I miss them both! Anthony comes home today-he will be flying alone-because he leaves for Camp Good Days for a week tomorrow morning. Owen will be home Tuesday night. I hope they are having fun, and I am glad that they get to spend this time with their dad and his family, but man, do I miss them!
I bought Bugville for the kids. They send caterpillars in a cup with food and a pop up bug tent. The caterpillars built their chrysalis's while they were gone. Anthony will get to see them today. Hopefully Owen will get to see them, although I doubt he would be too upset to come home to butterflies! Hopefully they will still be around when Anthony gets back from camp on Friday.
I am taking summer off this year to spend with the kids. It is needed for all of us I think.
Owen goes in for another MRI on July 17th. Not sure what they are expecting to find. It's not like it will be good news. Even if it does show some shrinkage, the inevitable will still occur by the end of the year, I am sure. We are so lucky to have gotten the time with him as we have-although of course it will never be enough. When we first got the news of the relapse and saw the scans, I think even the doctors didn't think Owen would still be with us and doing well right now. But here he is, smiling, laughing, and acting like nothing is wrong at all. That is how he should be acting. Owen doesn't know he shouldn't be normal, and I think that is helping him live. Someday soon, the tumors will take over his body, and he will have no choice but to succumb to the cancer. But, for now, Owen is the same, strong, amazing little guy he has always been.

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