Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hi everyone,
Man, this dreary weather does not help anyone's mood, does it?
Today Owen had to go in to the hospital to get a "Super Heparin" liquid put in his central line because they have had some trouble getting blood out of it the last few times, which can sometimes mean that there is a small clot blocking the line. It is amazing how well it works! He has to have it sit in his line for awhile (about an hour) then they pull that liquid out and voilia!! It worked, and they were able to get the blood they needed for his CBC's!!
He has still been feeling pretty well. We went today to the Alden Schools and dropped off a thank you framed picture-it has two pictures on it of Owen meeting the Power Rangers and says "Thank you for Helping to Make my Wish Come True!" and his name. Actually, Frank made them-as much as I would love to be crafty, I do not have the ability.
Owen will be honored as Child Champion on Thursday at Salvatore's! He is such a cutie pie! He has been so very happy lately, except for a few moments here and there...I have literally always said though, I would rather have him here and crabby then not here at all. God, how do people get through this?
OK, focusing on the happy...Kisses and hugs for my strong little man! Nothing better than getting them back!

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