Thursday, April 10, 2008


We saw the actual pictures from the MRI today. What I thought might be a few spots on/in his brain turns out to be multiple spots-well more than 20. Picture the sky on the 4th of July exploding with fireworks--that is what his brain looks like. He also has two spots in his spine. It was quite shocking when I saw it, to say the very least. However, we now know exactly what we are facing. We know that there is no possiblity of cure at this point. The tumors he has will continue to grow, and new ones will develop. Options at this point are palliative. He has been put on anti-seizure medication to hopefully slow the development of seizures which are inevitable, a much stronger steroid to reduce swelling in the brain (so he will puff back up again, just as he was getting back to a much less steroidal appearance) and also a chemo drug which will hopefully slow the growth of the tumors he has and the development of new ones, allowing us a little more time with him.
His Make a Wish trip to Disney has been moved up from July to this coming week. I am so, so thankful that we will all be able to go and enjoy this precious time with him while he is still feeling well. He is still my sweet little giggly Owen, and as active as ever! I hope that he is able to stay this way until the end. My sweet baby. My God, what am I going to do without him??

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Diane houck said...

I'm so pleased that Owen got his wish. What a beautiful thing. I enjoyed reading about Owen's trip! My love and prayers are with Owen, you and your family. Please let me know if I can help you in any way.

all our love, Diane and Micheal XO