Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It was one year ago today that we learned that Owen had relapsed...so much has changed in a year. A year ago, Owen was happy and carefree.  I was watching videos of him this weekend--he was such a funny kid!  I can't believe what an amazing kid he was-so full of life, humor and fun! (He got it from his big brothers!! Humor is such a big part of our lives, and he rolled right along with that and it was such a huge part of who he was...who he is!)
    Tomorrow, it will be 6 months since Owen died, the last time I was able to hold him...It feels like it has been forever, and like it has only been a few hours at the same time.  That day, time went so fast, from the time he actually passed until the time that PJ came to take him.
  On the 14th, it will be 2 years from when we first took him to the hospital, the 19th, 2 years from his brain surgery...April is one heck of a month worth of memories...both good and bad-April was when we went on the Make a Wish trip that was such a blast last year-Owen had so much fun!!
  Remembering all of the memories--I love and miss you, Owen!


Anonymous said...

Owen was definetly a little boy full of a lot of life. I remember the morning you called 2 years ago it felt like a bad dream, I woke up thinking did that really happen, just such shock. I remember last year seeing you guys off when you left for disney, oh my gosh the look on his face when that limo pulled up, such a little rockstar! It's easy to see in all the disney pics and pretty much every picture of him how happy he was, he was full of love for others, and was and is loved so much himself. He is a very special little boy, so proud that he is our nephew, cousin, and little buddy.:0) Thanks for sharing some of your memories Jen. Love to you all, and love to awesome Owen!<3

Anonymous said...

I think of you all every day and pray that you are doing well. I think of Owen giggling when Maria brought her hamsters over and them crawling on him. Happy Easter to all of you.
Westphal gang