Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thinking about Owen makes me smile.  One of the things that made Owen happiest was making other people laugh and smile.  He had such a sweet giggle-would double over laughing, his belly and cheeks shaking.  Hearing him laughing was couldn't help but be happy when you were around him.
   One of the things I used to say to Owen was that if I had every single Owen in the whole world and every 4 1/2 year old in the whole world in the same room, he would still be my favorite one.  One of the last videos I have of Owen awake and talking is one of my favorites...He was speaking slower, and taking longer to process what was being said to him. I asked him, "Owen, who is my favorite Owen in the whole world?"  I was about ready to fill in the answer for him because I wasn't sure if he was going to or not, and he spoke up and said "me..."  It made me so happy to hear that he still knew that he was my favorite Owen, as he always will be!!

 Miss you, Frogger!


nicole fischer said...

mrs pieber i miss you!!!!
do you know how sad it is when i hear owen's favorite song (return to pooh corner) all day long and all i can think about is him. i was going places with my mom today and was crying cuz i looked at my phone and saw his picture and his song was stuck in my head. i miss you guys sooo much!!! thats all i talk about is owen and you guys. i watched a movie last night ( a walk to remember) and at the end the girl dies from cancer and it brought back so many memories. and when the girl was at the hosptal i thought about how owen was in th hospital fighting too. :[ i love you guys sooo much! we should hang out sometime cuz i miss you!!!! thoughts and prayers always and forever!!!!! - nicole fischer

Anonymous said...


What a beautiful writer you are, andbeing able towrite about someone that you love so dearly makes the process seem almost effortless. You have a beautiful heart that overflows with such a pure lucky Owen was to have had you...not just you to have had Owen.

xoxo Amy Dressel